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About us

The Proprietor and Managing Director
Walter Grüter, originally from Hochdorf in the canton of Lucerne/Switzerland, trained as a mechanical engineer. He launched his own firm on 1 May 1983, concentrating on retailing and servicing European makes of motorcycle with a particular emphasis on the venerable Moto Guzzi. In 1985 the firm became an authorised retailer of two further makes BMW and Ducati, also with long traditions. Walter Grüter has always loved tinkering with things mechanical. Not content with simply selling and repairing motorcycles, he took a close look at each new model as it came out to see if anything could be modified or improved, especially in terms of visuals. The firm’s premises in Ballwil, acquired and converted in 1995, today house an assortment of custom parts and accessories developed in-house and destined for distribution worldwide.

First toe in the water
eleven years after founding the company, Walter Grüter decided it was time to try his hand at building something himself. This turned out to be the GG duetto, a stunning motorcycle-sidecar combination built to the firm’s own design and specifications. By 1999 more than thirty GG duetto outfits had been sold around Europe and in Japan.
1998 the GG Spartaco, a custom cruiser based on the Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport, was realized.
2000 saw Walter Grüter come up with yet another custom creation, the GG Cruso. Its two models, the
GG Cruso Classic and GG Cruso Sport, met with considerable success around Europe.
2001 Walter Grüter’s innovative ideas brought him to the attention of BMW Switzerland, which invited him to develop two prototypes for the Swiss Army’s new motorcycle. BMW won the bidding and contracted Grüter to customise the resulting 600 BMW bikes.
Feisty, slender and elegant
the final breakthrough came with Walter Grüter’s GG Quad in the year 2004, the product of thousands of man-hours of development and sheer hard work, all of it imbued with a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial drive. Casually characterised by Grüter as a “toy for boys”, the GG Quad is a four-wheeled motorcycle, more than 200 of which have been sold worldwide within today
More power with the 4 cylinder motor
development of the actual creation, the GG Quadster with a BMW K 1200 S motor, has
started. The homologation in Germany and Europe is done, the first GG Quadsters have been delivered
in September 2007. Since 2009 the GG Quadster is equipped with the new BMW K 1300 S motor.

The first Three-wheeler made in Switzerland
The creation of GG Taurus, a racy three-wheeler is the continuation of innovative ideas.
The 3-wheeler can be used without speed limitiation in each country. Highest quality, first class engineering, modern design, power and security are in accord with precision and driving pleasure on the highest level.

2010: Start-up selling the GG Taurus in Europe
In April 2010 we have sold the motorcycle shop in order to spend full concentration on our own vehicles GG Quad/GG Quadster/GG Taurus.
Our company name has changed as follows:
Grüter + Gut GmbH, Technik + Emotion
new phone no ++41 41 448 33 11 / new fax no ++41 41 448 33 13

Over the years Walter Grüter and his team have established a global network of distributors and dealers: “To sell this product, you have to be seen promoting it,” he declares. For a small manufacturer of custom vehicles such as Walter Grüter, this means taking exhibition space at international shows attended by the trade and the general public. He has been halfway around the globe in his travels, visiting the whole of Europe, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and the USA. Plans are afoot to expand into other markets.

Playing safe
To be able to launch no fewer than five in-house developments in the space of twelve years, you need a certain level of infrastructure – and this Grüter + Gut GmbH has achieved, along with its spin-off company GMG-Technik GmbH. For more than 20 years now the engineering workshops (which boast three CNC machining centres and a high-tech Makino machining centre) have been manufacturing custom parts and accessories for other companies and for Walter Grüter’s in-house projects. Despite his success over the years, Walter Grüter intends to remain “lean”. His two companies currently employ 7 people, spread over the development department, the engineering workshops and administration.
It goes without saying that Central Switzerland has long been conscious of this global player in the world of motorcycle customisation. In autumn 2005 Grüter + Gut GmbH became the proud recipient of a prize for innovation, courtesy of the Central Switzerland Chamber of Commerce.