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A new dimension for GG vehicles chassis

Today, combining sporty handling and comfort is the ultimate goal at every company manufacturing shock absorbers. The shocks must be meticulously adapted and matched to the load capacity based on the vehicle and the driver’s weight. Our goal was to take the experience gathered in the last few years at Wilbers during active road racing and integrated it into our chassis. The result is that we are pleased to give driving a completely new level of pleasure. Spring travel has been increased to 120 mm, while compression and rebound damping have been adapted so that you can completely ignore potholes and bumps in the road.

We have the ability to convert the existing shock absorbers in all GG vehicles to this new standard. Because of this conversion, they not only provide increased comfort but you also get completely overhauled shocks which are better than new.

In addition, for the GG Taurus there is a special rear shock absorber (cannot be upgraded on exisiting shock absorbers):

Wesa-X – Wilbers Electronic Suspension Adjustment

With this technology, you can set damping to the levels “soft”, “medium” or “hard” depending on the qualities of the road surface – while driving and with the simple push of a button at the handlebars.

E-PA – Electronic hydraulic shock Preload Adjustment

With this technology, it is possible to set shock absorber preloading in five steps depending on the weight of the driver and passenger as well as the load – while driving and with the simple push of a button at the handlebars.